The World is in Your Hands

Understanding reality and social structure is the basis of mastering them.
Now on The Sunshine Coast, QLD. Australia.


Life can be full of wonder, miracles and synchronicities, but it can also be full of hardship, contradictions and injustices. The power of owning our reality begins with simply understanding it and this is exactly what I have attempted to do for the past 25 years; studying extensively in all facets of what essentially makes up our reality.

Life responds to us at all times, we may not realise it nor necessarily believe it, but ‘fate’, ‘destiny’, ‘fortune’ and ‘luck’ all stem from the deepest parts of ourselves and it is within our power to harness these forces to drive our lives forward.

We know this is true, due to information from many sources; from the most ancient spiritual teachings through to modern, cutting-edge, scientific  techniques and everything in between. As opposing as they initially appear on the surface these sets of information actually confirm and complement each other perfectly.

When one looks at the bigger picture and factors in disciplines such as philosophy, psychology, sociology and other behaviour and social traits, we can begin to understand just how much influence we do have over our immediate reality.

This is the main focus of my work; empowering others to take control of their lives by presenting information in a clear and concise fashion. I am well known for my simplistic approach that cuts through contradictions and misunderstandings and gets straight to the point. The over-complication of information is actually one of the hardest obstacles to overcome on the path to self-understanding.



With a fascination of mankind’s faith, I have studied the majority of the worlds religions and I am drawn to the subtle, yet fundamental truth that they all share – singularity. Without any kind of religious interpretation, dogma or doctrine, I use this knowledge as an aspect to understand the larger whole and thus, live a more balanced life.



From the scientific perspective, reality and truth are both based upon empirical facts that tell us that our environment is not at all as it seems. Theoretical Physics and Quantum Mechanics have confirmed what our ancestors have been teaching us for the past 3,500 years, we’re all just energy and frequencies.



Within society at large, we are locked into all kinds of systems and institutions which give us no choice but to work with them. These are the very frameworks that restrict us and hold us back. Whether it be the financial system, politics, the media or large industry, they all play their part in turning the miracle of life into an exercise of social survival.



We are for the most part, a product of our environment, beliefs and teachings and it is these things which dictate our immediate reality. For us to change our lives we much first understand how we have reached the point we find ourselves in and be willing to transform accordingly.

If we find ourselves stuck in a ‘rut’, living a mundane, boring existence and life is a struggle then it is defiantly time for change. Life should be fluid, it should be a magical place full of synchronicities and wonder and accepting such a life is the beginning of opening up endless possibilities.

Recent Feedback…

“Matt, I recently went to your talk ‘Science and Spirituality, a merging consciousness’ and can honestly say that this was one of the best talks that I have ever attended. Your style of presenting the material makes things very clear and the way everything ties in together is very clever indeed. When the topics can be quite confusing your style of ‘drip-feeding’ the information makes things very clear. There was some material that I have come across before but for the first time I can now FINALLY understand it – thank you!!! and now for the first time see it in it’s proper context. I shall be looking forward to your new talk with great anticipation”.