I am a freelance writer, qualified teacher of meditation and a facilitator of workshops and seminars in both the UK and USA. Born in Devon, England in 1972, my interest in the esoteric was ignited with a fascination of the paranormal throughout childhood. With my attention turning towards spirituality in my late teens, I have continued searching for higher knowledge of the world around us ever since.

Studying in my spare time I gained my bachelors degree in metaphysics in 1996, and after completing my masters degree I went on to pass my Ph.D 4 years later, after writing a dissertation on the relationship of the three minds. I was the youngest alumnus in my university, ever, to graduate at this level.

With a background working in a technical profession for most of my life, I have a mind that can absorb both scientific information and that of the spiritual, whilst being able to assimilate and project concepts in a unique way that people can understand and find fascinating. I have written various articles and I am frequently invited to teach Eastern philosophy in schools to share my knowledge with the students. I regularly hold lectures at the invitation of groups around the country.

I have utilised both my technical and spiritual knowledge by developing technologies aimed at environmental pollution control by heading a project in association with a charity in the UK, using the principles of sacred geometry. I have also developed a series of chambers aimed at enhancing personal meditation using the same principles.

The main focus of my work concentrates on the mechanics behind reality. I believe that if we understand why the universe functions as it does, empowers us to be in a better position to recognise where we may be going wrong.

I always attempt to present my ideas in an accessible format. Using more commonplace or recognisable examples of my concepts and by cross-referencing the material keeps everything in context so the audience feels a stronger connection to what is being presented, and hence, leave with a more rounded understanding.

I have recently moved from very near Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and look forward to continuing my work here and meeting interesting people with this exciting opportunity.