The Paradox of Reality

cutting through the crap and contradiction of modern society to bring us back to the miracle once more


I am in the latter stages of my first book The Paradox of Realty, concerning itself with life’s inconsistencies.

Modern society is seen by some as the pinnacle of human evolution to date. For all our technological advancements and discoveries within the different scientific disciplines, through to the formulas of social advancement, our lives have been transformed enormously by structure and of ultra convenience. This however, has also lead us down the path of monotony, where feeling helpless in an overpowering world is very much a normal occurrence. In contrast, we are surrounded by the ‘miracle of life’ in all its awesome manifestations, yet we have turned our miraculous beginnings into an exercise of social survival. This is a major contradiction in life, resulting from one of countless illusions. These illusions are created by the human mind to process information it cannot easily comprehend, assumption and by society, deep within its very structure.

The Paradox of Reality: breaking through the illusions of life takes us on a journey through the fundamentals of the material world. All of the inconsistencies, contradictions and paradoxes that life throws at us can be accounted for when one understands the true essence of any given situation. By marrying knowledge from psychology, sociology, mathematics, quantum theory, social structure and ancient teachings The Paradox of Reality unfolds the tapestry of life to give a clear account of who we really are. Illusions are rife throughout all aspects of life, and only by understanding how we have become absorbed within them, can we then open ourselves up to our true potentials.

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