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The Importance of Effective Communication with the Workplace

Of the employees businesses need to hire to achieve the company adjectives, there comes with them a whole host of different skill sets dependent on what role the employee plays within the organisation. From the Managing Directors downwards, the common denominator that every employee should… Continue reading

Fitting into the miracle of life

The miracle of life. This single phrase can conjure up as many responses as there are people who come across it, for as simple as the sentence is, it has the ability to evoke an almost automatic reaction, and what does it mean to you?… Continue reading

The Role of the Unconscious Mind in Decision Making

Our conscious mind is a peculiar thing. The thought processes that run through our head indicate to us that we are consciously ‘thinking’ about whatever it is which is occupying our mind at any given time. But, in truth, most of the time that we… Continue reading

The Power of Mind – A lesson by Thich Quang Duc

I am often asked why I use the famous image of the self-immolation of Buddhist monk Thich Quang Duc on my Facebook page, this website and it is also the planned cover image of my forthcoming book, so I thought id put together a post… Continue reading