This is a very popular worskop that I facilitate and can be used as an example of workshop structure. Of course, this is just an example and any workshop can be written around the topics you wish to explore.


A day to explore our true nature of reality – expanding consciousness within the fluidity of life.

In this one day workshop, we will be dissecting our material reality and building a new, clearer understanding from the ground up. In doing so, we shall be uncovering our true nature and understanding how we exist on many levels simultaneously.

Throw away those old text books which give a one-sided view of accounts and open yourself up to a wonderful new way of looking at life around us. In Matt’s style of cross-referencing information, reality is discussed from many different disciplines. Ancient spiritual teachings, cutting-edge science, sacred geometry, psychology, sociology or philosophy; you will certainly leave with a well rounded perspective of the universe.

The workshop will focus on these key points:
  • What physicality really is
  • Other levels of reality – the spirit world and beyond
  • The mechanics of the paranormal – psychic abilities and the arts of divination
  • Love and the emotions
  • The human experience within a social framework
  • The psychological self
  • Free will and how to own it
  • The fluidity of life and how to achieve it.
This is a well rounded workshop, giving a fascinating overview of both life in the physical and that of our spiritual selves. To book Matt, please click here.