If a miracle hasn’t happened then something has gone wrong. A talk on understanding our true nature of reality and how life can become more fluid. Live in the flow!



A talk on empowering ourselves. We have all heard of the ‘laws of attraction’ and have all read books and information on creating our reality but does it all really fit together and work for us?

It is easy understanding certain information, even wanting to believe it but a totally different thing to actually put it into practice through our daily lives. This talk cuts straight to the point, puts meditation and ‘positive thinking’ in their rightful place and explains HOW things really work. Starting with a background of universal truths we begin to see a picture of how we have become so detached from our true source. Continuing on the talk takes us on a journey of how we re-connect back again. Creating our reality is no magic trick, nor is it any kind of spiritual practice but simply living by our natural means.

By using examples of masters who has achieved enlightenment and looking at their powers over the material world, we begin to see a pattern that we are actually not so unlike them. Their ‘powers’ of the siddhas will be discussed in detail and we shall see that everything is achievable for all.