Exploring reality and the human relationship to it.

Tuesday 18th April, 7pm - Aminya Natural Therapies Academy, Marcoola, QLD.

118Join us.

Investigate the nature of reality and the mechanics behind it.

Is your physical existence a joy or a struggle?

Discover why.

We have all heard of the power of positive thought, the use of mantras, the ‘Laws of Attraction’ and other such philosophies to create more fulfilling lives for ourselves. Yet do we know how they actually work? If the answer is no, then this seminar will help you to understand where things may be going wrong.

Drawing from a variety of disciplines such as cutting edge science, quantum mechanics, philosophy, psychology, anthropology and even social commentary, this fascinating two hour seminar builds reality from the ground up, throwing out old notions and introducing new concepts which can alter our whole perspective of what existence really is. This, in turn, demonstrates how reality affects us, and more importantly, how we, affect it.

The first half of the seminar acts as a foundation and concentrates on what we have discovered reality to be, using examples from cutting edge science, quantum mechanics and even philosophy.
By using examples that are relevant to us all, the second half integrates this understanding and concentrates on why we behave as we do, the forces that drive us and how our own reality responds to our personal awareness and emanation – thus allowing us the opportunity and potential to change our lives for the better.

Topics explored in detail range from;

  • A fundamental understanding of what reality is.
  • Quantum mechanics and ancient philosophy sharing the same truth.
  • The harmonic universe.
  • Our part in a much larger whole.
  • The role of consciousness.
  • The importance of the collective consciousness.
  • The manifestation of singularity.
  • The dynamics of being human.
  • What’s going on in your head when you have an ‘a-ha’ moment?
  • Understand the effects of attachment and the dynamics of relationships.
  • Strengthening intuition and our connection to reality.
  • Powerful, practical methods to make positive transformations.
  • Begin to live in the flow.
  • ……. Exploring the larger picture of social injustice.

Tuesday 18th April, 7pm at the Aminya Natural Therapies Academy, Marcoola QLD.
922 David Low Way Marcoola (upstairs above the bakery) opposite San Marino Resort.