Science and Spirituality – a merging consciousness
A talk discussing the nature of reality and how our minds react and integrate into its systems and structure.



This seminar focuses on age-old spiritual and philosophical teachings that are today being inadvertently confirmed by modern scientific discoveries and how thse relate to us in our everyday lives.

In this two hour talk, we discover what reality really is, in the most fundamental sense, by using simple principles within quantum mechanics, mathematics, psychology and philosophy and take this new understanding to see how it is relevant in our everyday lives. We look at who we are, where we come from and how we operate in an individual sense and as groups. We explore how our three minds function and interact with the world around us, how external sources influences us and how to overcome and work with these.

This is an information heavy seminar, which will allow you to see how particular situations may effect you, how to truly OWN your decisions and ultimately live a much more empowered life.