I am happy to talk at any occasion.

I can give a seminar for a formal event or a more informal talk for your regular meeting group or private gatherings.

My current seminar explores the new information that is coming from the scientific community which is merging with the age old spiritual teachings of Maya (illusion). We are living in a very auspicious time where at last these two opposing disciplines are now beginning to think as one.

In this two hour talk we discover what reality really is, in the most fundamental sense (using very easily understandable quantum mechanic principles) and take this new understanding and see how it is relevant in our everyday lives. We look at who we are, where we come from and how we work. We explore how our three minds function and interact with the world around us, how external sources influences us and how to overcome these.

This understanding is important as it empowers us to live a life more fulfilling. We literally do create our own reality, and we are responsible for all the events that happen in our lives. Using this information all aspects of spirituality, the paranormal and occult can easily be explained. Psychic abilities, ESP, divination and channelling are all covered in the talk. It is up to us what we accept for ourselves, we live the life of our choosing and are ultimately empowered in everything we do.

The current talks that I am presenting are
If a miracle hasn’t happened …
Science and Spirituality – a merging consciousness

I am more than happy to write and present a seminar or talk which is specifically written around your particular interests which fall within my topic range. Please email me for details.